1 Million Comments On Net Neutrality, Most Since “wardrobe Malfunction” | Ars Technica

“The next highest count for a single docket was the Universal Service docket 96-45 ,” which had 237,280comments in 1996, FCC spokesperson Mark http://www.yareah.com/2014/07/19/fashion-furniture-design-oitoemponto-junko-shimada-redefine-lifestyle-paris/ Wigfield told Ars. Other topics have garnered more comments and/or complaints, however. “Over 1.4 million complaintswere filed in the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident [in 2004], but there are never docketed comments in an indecency investigation,” Wigfield said. “While the complaints are clearly an expression of interest by the public, they arent docketed comments on a policy matter in a rulemaking.” Another crazy one: “The false rumor that atheist Madalyn Murray OHair had filed a petition at the FCC asking us to ban or restrict religious broadcasts [led to] over four million calls and letters in 1976 alone (even though she never filed such a petition). Clearly an expression of interest, but never a docketed proceeding,” Wigfield said. Two million comments previously came in on media deregulation.

Tour leader Nibali dominates Stage 13 in Alps – Yahoo News

| Updated: July 18, 2014 2:03 p.m. | Portland Show Hide Article Extras Today really isthe final day to submit comments to the Federal Communication Commission on net neutrality. The controversial proposal would allow Internet providers to charge online companies extra to deliver content faster. Opponents of the plan say thatcould hurt startups attempting to make an impact on the Web with a smallbudget. The FCC moved its original deadline of Tuesday after an overflow of public comments effectively shut down the FCCwebsite. Comedian John Oliver of Last Week Tonight broke the issue down in a segment last month and mobilized the public (speaking specifically to those Internet trolls we all know and love) to send their comments to theFCC.

Last Chance To Crash FCC Website With Net Neutrality Comments » News » OPB

In the Peggy Sirota-shot ads, which show her lounging in a chic L.A. home, she looks sharp in the brands Original Slimming Fit jeans and items from its expanded clothing line. Im thrilled to be a part of this campaign because I believe NYDJ is a brand that women of all ages have a loyalty towards and are passionate about, Moynahan said in a press release. The balance between fit, comfort, and style is apparent in every product they create, which not only makes you look great, but makes you feel great, too, What do you think of the denim campaigns? Are you excited to see what each campaign has in store?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Paige Denim, Bridget Moynahan NYDJ – Style News – StyleWatch – People.com

Nibali appeared to be taking a risk, notably that his hard effort to distance his rivals could come back to haunt him. By his own admission a day earlier, he said that he feared the second Alpine day more out of concern that his legs may be worn out if he pushed too hard. Still, some of his rivals seem to be accepting that Nibali may win.

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